Something interesting is currently happening within pop- it’s getting experimental again. Surely it’s no coincidence that Kate Bush, the Queen of reinvention, should be rediscovered by twentysomethings this year, thanks to Running Up That Hill featuring in Stranger Things. The spirit of the eighties which meant more esoteric artists like Bush, Prince and The SugarContinue reading “WHEN POP GOES EXPERIMENTAL”

The Future’s Here Today: Yazzus

Based between London and Berlin, DJ and producer Yazzus is brilliant – a cheeky, smart lady who mixes like a dream, crossing genres: pop, drum ‘n’bass, electro, house, techno,grime, trap and soul- you name it, she can skilfully weave it altogether into a beautiful sound collage. Recently, she’s exclusively mixed for BBC 6Music, Radio 1Continue reading “The Future’s Here Today: Yazzus”

Always Tip The Waitresses

Before Wet Leg, Dry Cleaning and sundry damp post-punk/ new wave- inspired bands so beloved by Lammo etc, there was a band formed by a bunch of Ohio misfits, The Waitresses. Effortlessly cool, the band fused skronky saxophone, a la No Wave band James Chance and The Contortions, with pop sensibilities. When Chris Butler, whoContinue reading “Always Tip The Waitresses”

Record Label Of The Month: Upset The Rhythm

Based in London, indie promoter and record label Upset The Rhythm is the epitome of punk. Formed in 2003 as a promoter, they officially launched as a label in 2005. Featuring bands like Deerhoof, Trash Kit, Terry, Sauna Youth, Rattle, Kaputt, and most recent signing, Japanese punk band NicFit, they specialise in lo-fi, post-punk andContinue reading “Record Label Of The Month: Upset The Rhythm”

Divine Pop Intervention

Everybody knows Divine from her John Waters films. But the icon, who didn’t really want to be known as a drag queen, had another successful career in pop. Harris Glenn Milstead, who would have been 76 yesterday, fell into recording kind of by accident, as her outrageous live shows led to producer Bobby Orlando seeingContinue reading “Divine Pop Intervention”

Teleman- Simple Like Us

Teleman have always, in their own unassuming way, crafted perfect Day-glo pop since they formed from the ashes of Pete and the Pirates. As with other low- key UK indie bands like Metronomy, Field Music and Hot Chip, they seamlessly meld electronics with slightly playful, occasionally melancholic songwriting. The new single, Simple Like Us ,Continue reading “Teleman- Simple Like Us”

The Future’s Here Today: Lala Lala

Pop is a dish best served cold, to paraphrase the Bard. And the platinum blond sprite Lala Lala, also known as Chicago based singer Lillie West, has been floating around the ether for the last couple of years. Eighties- inflected music doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. But she does it wellContinue reading “The Future’s Here Today: Lala Lala”