Album Review: Hatchie- Giving The World Away

Harriette Pilbeam is the singer- songwriter behind Hatchie. This new release is effervescent dream pop, confident sounding, featherlight but with a little bittersweetness. ‘Lights On’ and ‘The Key’ have Cocteau Twins in the shimmering, chiming sound, while 80s and 90s jukebox favourites like Depeche Mode, New Order and St Etienne loom large, in the bigContinue reading “Album Review: Hatchie- Giving The World Away”

What has happened to theatre criticism?

What has happened to theatre criticism? It has been onn a downward spiral for years, anyway. It used to have its own special place in the newspapers, and the critic had the power to destroy (or to ensure a blockbuster success), but that probably only ever happened on Broadway or in the West End. Isn’tContinue reading What has happened to theatre criticism?

EP Review: Eydis Evensen- Frost

Inspired by the unique landscape of her homeland, Icelandic composer/ musician Eydis Evensen has created effortless beauty here with new EP Frost . Minimalist but effective, her elliptical piano playing spirals around strings, creating an eerie soundtrack to the famous mountains, geysers and hills. Tracks like the swooning Svartnaetti and Dawn Is Near have anContinue reading “EP Review: Eydis Evensen- Frost”

Album Review: Horace Andy-Midnight Rocker

Adrian Sherwood is a legendary producer, and Horace Andy a legendary reggae singer, so it makes sense for them to team up again. But don’t call it a comeback, he’s never really been away. The shivery sweet vibrato is pushed to the fore here, with reworkings and new tracks alike. Opener This Must Be HellContinue reading “Album Review: Horace Andy-Midnight Rocker”

EP Review: Jackson Hill- Rabbit Feather

What a strange and beguiling debut from the Raleigh- based ambient musician and producer. Rabbit Feather weaves in and out of speakers. Its trippy strangeness is both unsettling and comforting. There’s a lullaby like fragility to Figment and Whatever Helps You Sleep At Night makes you feel encased in some kind of space PID, untilContinue reading “EP Review: Jackson Hill- Rabbit Feather”

Album Review: Hinako Omori- A Journey…

Inspired by the practice of forest bathing, Japanese artist Hinako Omori’s new album breathes like new buds bursting into life. Created using scientific binaural sounds and more organic processes of field recordings, the album pulses with transcendental shimmering beauty. Tracks like Levitation see Omori’s modular synth patterns resemble chirruping birds, while her voice soars onContinue reading “Album Review: Hinako Omori- A Journey…”

Album Review: Bodega – Broken Equipment

NYC’s Bodega have massive expectations from their fanbase for this second studio album, the follow-up to impressive debut Endless Scroll. The band and film makers are an acerbic riot of humour, self-awareness and leftwing politics and musically fall somewhere between the sarcastic indie snarl of Pavement and the insistent house party groove of LCD Soundsystem.Continue reading “Album Review: Bodega – Broken Equipment”

Album Review: Laura- Mary Carter- Town Called Nothing

Blood Red Shoes frontwoman Laura-Mary Carter has always been a wonderful musician, and her new solo project is equally fascinating, but this time, her post- grunge shredding has been replaced by a country noir mini-album. Town Called Nothing invokes dusty, ominous Westerns, the eerie moment before the showdown. It starts off deceptively pretty, with fineContinue reading “Album Review: Laura- Mary Carter- Town Called Nothing”

Album Review: Holy Other- Lieve

Stockport musician and producer David Ainley has created a wonderful piece of post-ambient beauty here. It invokes the illogical themes of dreams: figures with heads that are never seen, fragmentary buildings, the sense of hazy, unresolved issues. Glitches, sighs and ghostly soundscapes permeate throughout the album. The title track, featuring saxophonist Daniel Thorne, fizzles andContinue reading “Album Review: Holy Other- Lieve”

Album Review: Modern Nature- Island Of Noise

Imagine this. You’re in the Lake District perhaps, or by a boathouse. Take a moment to lie down in the still of the night. Can you hear it? There’s a bàbbling stream. Birds twitter. There’s no Twitter, no social media, no hassles here. Modern Nature have created an album that is sheer bliss, as ifContinue reading “Album Review: Modern Nature- Island Of Noise”