Film Review: Stardust (2020)

So says David Bowie, or rather Johnny Flynn in his role as (kind of) the late icon in Gabriel Range’s film from 2020. This line seems to be an in -joke,or even some kind of justification. This film is baaaad. It’s not cringey, watch -through -fingers, campy bad, it’s simply lazy bad. Flynn portrays aContinue reading “Film Review: Stardust (2020)”

Aladdin Sane at 50

If Ziggy was Cary Grant, Aladdin Sane was Peter Fonda. Recorded between December 1972 and January 1973, this iconic album, Bowie’s sixth, still feels like a deconstruction of fame and the American Dream from an outsider’s perspective. It’s experimental, as exemplified by Mike Garson’s wayward jazz piano on the wild title track. He goes maniacallyContinue reading “Aladdin Sane at 50”

Burroughs’ Advice For Writers

Burroughs in 1959 by Loomis Dean For me- and I’m sure many other writers relate to this – writing is as much an external process as an internal one. I see writing as an essential living, breathing component, something I have to get out of my system. I often have a need to lasso thoughtsContinue reading “Burroughs’ Advice For Writers”