The Future’s Here Today: Current Affairs

Maybe I’m biased as I live here, but you can always rely on Glasgow bands to bring that punky energy. Current Affairs are yet another to shake your bones to. Joan Sweeney, Andrew Milk, Gemma Fleet and Sebastian Ymai have formed from many other fine indie bands like Shopping, Pissy, and The Wharves, so theirContinue reading “The Future’s Here Today: Current Affairs”

Overlooked Classics: Miranda Sex Garden- Fairytales Of Slavery

Many bands soften their sound as they progress, chasing more commercial routes. Not so for the experimental collective, Miranda Sex Garden, who followed up their goth rock album Suspiria with this absolute barnstormer. Fairytales Of Slavery, released in 1994, was co-produced by Einsturzende Neubauten’s Alexander Hacke. The band had toured with them, and some ofContinue reading “Overlooked Classics: Miranda Sex Garden- Fairytales Of Slavery”

Album Review: Pickle Darling- Laundromat

As more artists emerge, blinking, from lockdown uncertainty into new horizons, it’s good to see others who remain true to the lo-fi spirit. New Zealand based multi-instrumentalist and producer Pickle Darling, real name Lukas Mayo, is one such artist. Photo credit: Nick Robinson Their third album is eccentric, fuzzy and really rather sweet, but neverContinue reading “Album Review: Pickle Darling- Laundromat”

Overlooked Classics: Santogold

Artists who change their names mid-career often confuse me, but I can make exceptions. Santi White, whose eponymous debut solo album came out in 2008 under the name Santogold, is a bit of a musical genius, I think.She’s now better known as Santigold. What a debut it is. She’d been part of the millennial neo-Continue reading “Overlooked Classics: Santogold”

Tina : Goddess

Born Anne May Bullock, in 1939, she’ll forever be the force of nature that is Tina Turner. A fiery fusion of soul, rock and blues, we all know how she survived the abuse of first husband Ike Turner, and had a second career as a solo artist in her own right, aged 44, but sheContinue reading “Tina : Goddess”

Overlooked Classics: Cranes- Wings Of Joy

The London band Cranes are often overlooked when people talk about early nineties indie bands. They’re something else altogether, often labelled Goth, industrial, neo – classical, shoegazing or dream-pop. The truth is, they are all of these things, and their own unique thing. Formed by siblings Alison and Jim Shaw, the band could grind, orContinue reading “Overlooked Classics: Cranes- Wings Of Joy”

Andy Rourke, You Were Wonderful

It would be remiss of me not to pay tribute to the wonderful Manchester musician Andy Rourke, bass player for The Smiths.It’s a desperately sad loss. The Smiths meant so much to me and my generation. His death was announced yesterday. He died aged just 59 from pancreatic cancer. Tributes have been paid by Morrissey,Continue reading “Andy Rourke, You Were Wonderful”

The Peel Sessions: PJ Harvey

John Peel was the first DJ (as was so often the case) to play PJ Harvey, and she recorded some of his favourite sessions for him over the years. The compilation -from 1991, to his untimely passing in 2004- has some of her best work, completely raw and unadorned. There’s a cheeky cover of theContinue reading “The Peel Sessions: PJ Harvey”

Bye, Bye B52s

With their wild wigs, wicked wig-outs and smarter than they seemed lyrics, the Athens, Georgia legends The B52s are doing their farewell tour (at least, for now). Rock lobsters are (possibly not) provided. But before we say “Ciao”, here are a few examples of what made them so great: those killer harmonies, sci-fi sirens, surfContinue reading “Bye, Bye B52s”

Lost In Music: Deadletter- The Snitching Hour

Okay, maybe indie isn’t dead, after all. Deadletter have made one of the best singles of the year here. Like The Cribs and The Zutons, with a pinch of The Jam in the bassline, this is a belter. The Yorkshire band are on their way. It’s caustic, catchy as hell, and there’s a nod toContinue reading “Lost In Music: Deadletter- The Snitching Hour”