Overlooked Classics: Santogold

Artists who change their names mid-career often confuse me, but I can make exceptions. Santi White, whose eponymous debut solo album came out in 2008 under the name Santogold, is a bit of a musical genius, I think.She’s now better known as Santigold. What a debut it is. She’d been part of the millennial neo-Continue reading “Overlooked Classics: Santogold”

The Future’s Here Today: McKinley Dixon

We’ve got Little Simz and Loyle Carner, America has Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean, and now, future superstar, McKinley Dixon. Fusing jazz, gospel and hip hop , the young rapper has eclectic tastes. He was born in 1995 in Richmond, Virginia, and is now based in Chicago. Eloquent, humble and funny, his music addresses theContinue reading “The Future’s Here Today: McKinley Dixon”

Lost In Music: A Certain Ratio- 1982

Already one of the finest albums of tthe year, A Certain Ratio ‘s 1982 is a series of neon squiggly graffiti lines – not least because it references Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol in ‘Samo’ , an old school funky jam named after Basquiat’s graffiti tag. But that very specific nod to the 80sContinue reading “Lost In Music: A Certain Ratio- 1982”

Lost In Music: AR Kane: i

I have a particular interest in bands who occupy liminal spaces, and do their own unique thing, apart from hype machines and trends. A R Kane are one such band. They were dream pop before it attained that definition, proto – shoegazing, or avant-pop way ahead of the curve. I adore their second album, ‘i’.Continue reading “Lost In Music: AR Kane: i”

Just Step Sideways: Dee Dee Ramone’s Hip Hop Career

How many drugs are too many drugs? Well, many people may not know this, but lovable goofball Dee Dee Ramone, bass player for the legendary NY punks, had a brief side project as Dee Dee King in 1989. In a deleted scene from the Ramones biopic End Of The Century directed by Michael Gramagia andContinue reading “Just Step Sideways: Dee Dee Ramone’s Hip Hop Career”

Lost In Music: Nightmares On Wax ft OSHUN- Breathe In

Three years in the making, the new Nightmares On Wax album Shout Out! To Freedom is getting good and spiritual on your ass. Exactly what we need, methinks, when times are uncertain and fraught. And any projects including the wondrous Shabaka Hutchings and Greentea Peng has to be worthy of your time. The new single,Continue reading “Lost In Music: Nightmares On Wax ft OSHUN- Breathe In”