Lost In Music: Deadletter- The Snitching Hour

Okay, maybe indie isn’t dead, after all. Deadletter have made one of the best singles of the year here. Like The Cribs and The Zutons, with a pinch of The Jam in the bassline, this is a belter. The Yorkshire band are on their way. It’s caustic, catchy as hell, and there’s a nod toContinue reading “Lost In Music: Deadletter- The Snitching Hour”

Album Review: Alison Goldfrapp- The Love Invention

Alison Goldfrapp as disco diva? The new Kylie, maybe? She’s always had that side to her, the head-rush of the dancefloor, glitter ball, spike heels and the 5 am walk of shame. But on her first solo studio album without Goldfrapp bandmate Will Gregory, she fully indulges her inner Donna Summer. Co- created with RichardContinue reading “Album Review: Alison Goldfrapp- The Love Invention”

Lost In Music: Sofia Kourtesis- Madres

It’s one of the singles of the year. Rising dance music star Sofia Kourtesis fuses samples of dialogue with eclectic music and field recordings, and the result is sparse but elegant and urgent. Madres is beautiful, a warm, 3 am embrace in a sweaty club. It’s dedicated to mothers everywhere, in whatever form they take.Continue reading “Lost In Music: Sofia Kourtesis- Madres”

Album Review: Katie Gately- Fawn/Brute

The third album from American experimental artist Katie Gately has an illustration of two characters on the cover reminiscent of a Harlequinade. This seems apposite for a record that’s full of strange characterisation. Each title is one adjective only. Again, fair enough, as there are whispers, whoops and dark, nefarious threats lurking in corners. ForContinue reading “Album Review: Katie Gately- Fawn/Brute”