My Valentine’s Day Playlist

What a load of shit. Mass marketing at its finest, right? If you love someone, make them feel special ALL the time, sans rose petals, chocolates or a fancy, overpriced dinner. St Valentine is like the Easter bunny to a lot of people, or the concept of Christian religion: a nebulous, fuzzy set of ill-conceivedContinue reading “My Valentine’s Day Playlist”

Overlooked Classics: Bauhaus- In The Flat Field

We need to talk about Bauhaus. No, not the German art movement, although it’s hugely influential and important. The debut album from the English band is also the very first album ever released on 4AD. I feel Bauhaus are often unfairly dismissed as pretentious pretty boys and mere Goths, like a haircut that you growContinue reading “Overlooked Classics: Bauhaus- In The Flat Field”

Lost In Music: Bowie-Boys Keep Swinging

Released in April 1979 and taken from Lodger, Boys Keep Swinging was what Bowie described as an “attempt at writing a really chauvinistic song. I find it very amusing”. David Mallet’s cheeky video references the art of Berlin drag acts, who smeared their makeup after each performance, thus drawing attention to artificiality, the ephemeral natureContinue reading “Lost In Music: Bowie-Boys Keep Swinging”