Album Review: Katie Gately- Fawn/Brute

The third album from American experimental artist Katie Gately has an illustration of two characters on the cover reminiscent of a Harlequinade. This seems apposite for a record that’s full of strange characterisation.

Each title is one adjective only. Again, fair enough, as there are whispers, whoops and dark, nefarious threats lurking in corners. For example, Peeve is itchy, futuristic and menacingly funky, rising to a siren sound. Cleave really does have percussion that seems to slice into bone; it’s electronic music as factory line.

Meat is jagged and jarring, as if Robyn was let loose in an abattoir. Gately has created music for unimaginably cruel acts in a queasy carnival. But it’s worth enveloping yourself in, as the sounds become more beautiful each time. This is one of the year’s best, once you let it take over entirely.

Out now via Houndstooth

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