Favourite Cover Versions: The Fall- Lost In Music

The Fall never did anything by the book, and their covers are always fun (more of which later) so what a delightful surprise it was when I heard this for the first time, aaaaaages ago. MES took Sister Sledge ‘s Disco classic by the lapels and shook it, until all the glitter fell off. HisContinue reading “Favourite Cover Versions: The Fall- Lost In Music”

Lost In Music: Sofia Kourtesis- Madres

It’s one of the singles of the year. Rising dance music star Sofia Kourtesis fuses samples of dialogue with eclectic music and field recordings, and the result is sparse but elegant and urgent. Madres is beautiful, a warm, 3 am embrace in a sweaty club. It’s dedicated to mothers everywhere, in whatever form they take.Continue reading “Lost In Music: Sofia Kourtesis- Madres”

Album Review: Katie Gately- Fawn/Brute

The third album from American experimental artist Katie Gately has an illustration of two characters on the cover reminiscent of a Harlequinade. This seems apposite for a record that’s full of strange characterisation. Each title is one adjective only. Again, fair enough, as there are whispers, whoops and dark, nefarious threats lurking in corners. ForContinue reading “Album Review: Katie Gately- Fawn/Brute”

New Release: PJ Harvey- A Child’s Question, August

Ahead of her forthcoming tenth album, PJ Harvey releases this, her elegiac and beautiful new single, A Child’s Question, August. Working with Flood and John Parish, this bodes well for the album. It’s stunning, with a churning lyricism. The video was created by renowned photographer Steve Gullick, and actor Ben Whishaw provides backing vocals. ItContinue reading “New Release: PJ Harvey- A Child’s Question, August”

Album Review: Mandy, Indiana – I’ve Seen A Way

The quartet from Manchester, founded by Valentine Caulfield and Scott Fair, now joined by Simon Catling and Alex MacDougall, have a hell of a blistering debut here. It’s experimental music which feels like being driven blindfolded to unknown territory. ‘ Pinking Shears’ is brittle and fuzzy, and there’s minimalist industrial shades to ‘Injury Detail’. ThisContinue reading “Album Review: Mandy, Indiana – I’ve Seen A Way”

Lost In Music: A Certain Ratio- 1982

Already one of the finest albums of tthe year, A Certain Ratio ‘s 1982 is a series of neon squiggly graffiti lines – not least because it references Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol in ‘Samo’ , an old school funky jam named after Basquiat’s graffiti tag. But that very specific nod to the 80sContinue reading “Lost In Music: A Certain Ratio- 1982”

Album Review: Lana Del Rabies- Strega Beata

A stately, cinematic slab of music, Lana Del Rabies ‘ new album, her third, lies somewhere between the early brutality of Swans and the eerie, gothic neo-classical experimentation of Dead Can Dance. It’s absolutely heady, erotic and hypnotic. Sometimes, it’s a thunderstorm, sometimes a soft caress. Tracks like ‘Mother ‘ and ‘Master’ feel like miniContinue reading “Album Review: Lana Del Rabies- Strega Beata”

Why Shoegazing Endures

It’s funny, but shoegazing in the late eighties and early nineties was supposed to be a fad in British music, something that lasted as long as a teen crush. Taking as its sonic template sixties psychedelia, Goth, Cocteau Twins dreaminess and the melding of noise and beauty you could find in Sonic Youth’s ground-breaking midContinue reading “Why Shoegazing Endures”


Something interesting is currently happening within pop- it’s getting experimental again. Surely it’s no coincidence that Kate Bush, the Queen of reinvention, should be rediscovered by twentysomethings this year, thanks to Running Up That Hill featuring in Stranger Things. The spirit of the eighties which meant more esoteric artists like Bush, Prince and The SugarContinue reading “WHEN POP GOES EXPERIMENTAL”