Album Review: Alison Goldfrapp- The Love Invention

Alison Goldfrapp as disco diva? The new Kylie, maybe? She’s always had that side to her, the head-rush of the dancefloor, glitter ball, spike heels and the 5 am walk of shame. But on her first solo studio album without Goldfrapp bandmate Will Gregory, she fully indulges her inner Donna Summer.

Co- created with Richard X and James Greenwood, the result is good solid fare It goes without saying that her purring, breathy or soaring voice is what elevates even the weaker tracks like the generic house of ‘Fever’, and ‘So Hard So Hot’ which isn’t her finest work, coming on a little too much like Roisin Murphy ‘s recent, less inspired singles.

But when she lets rip on the spacy, delicate ‘Subterfuge’ and the filthy ‘Gatto Gelato’ (a fine companion to the sleazier side of ‘Black Cherry’) she’s in her element. It’s great pop to be fair, I would just like to see and hear more wild experimentation from her.

Out now via BMG

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