Just Step Sideways: Gazelle Twin and NYX- Deep England

Gazelle Twin and NYX are fascinating artists in their own right. Together, they’re like matches and an effigy of Boris Johnson. Deep England is the flipside of welcoming Britain: the jingoistic, Union Jack waving, bigoted side where otherness isn’t just anathema – it’s enough to get you chased out of town. A companion piece toContinue reading “Just Step Sideways: Gazelle Twin and NYX- Deep England”

Lost In Music: Kelis- Midnight Snacks

Sex and food are two pleasures that are (for the time being, at least) still legal. This is the first single from Kelis in seven years, a fridge raid that satisfies. Inspired by the seventies funk of Millie Jackson and Donna Summer, Kelis, in a squidgy synth bath, coos,”Guilty pleasures I just can’t deny”, asContinue reading “Lost In Music: Kelis- Midnight Snacks”

Album Review: Sanctuary

A mighty collaboration between the Colombian composer Jose Parody and Grayson Sanders and Leviticus Penner, Sanctuary Vol. 1 and 2 is steeped in the kind of quietude that is neither comforting nor kind, but still incredibly beautiful. Truth is meditative, sparse and features voices that weave in and out drones. Smoke In The Halls isContinue reading “Album Review: Sanctuary”

Record Label Of The Month: Upset The Rhythm

Based in London, indie promoter and record label Upset The Rhythm is the epitome of punk. Formed in 2003 as a promoter, they officially launched as a label in 2005. Featuring bands like Deerhoof, Trash Kit, Terry, Sauna Youth, Rattle, Kaputt, and most recent signing, Japanese punk band NicFit, they specialise in lo-fi, post-punk andContinue reading “Record Label Of The Month: Upset The Rhythm”

Album Review: Laura- Mary Carter- Town Called Nothing

Blood Red Shoes frontwoman Laura-Mary Carter has always been a wonderful musician, and her new solo project is equally fascinating, but this time, her post- grunge shredding has been replaced by a country noir mini-album. Town Called Nothing invokes dusty, ominous Westerns, the eerie moment before the showdown. It starts off deceptively pretty, with fineContinue reading “Album Review: Laura- Mary Carter- Town Called Nothing”

Lost In Music: Kaputt- Gone West

Glasgow chaos merchants Kaputt are back! The post-everything band return with a typically energetic slice of skronk to make life substantially better. If this doesn’t get your pulse racing, I can’t help you. Find more on Kaputt at Upset The Rhythm and Bandcamp http://www.upsettherhythm.co.uk http://www.kaputt1.bandcamp.com

Album Review: Lotic- Water

MusIc that knocks you sideways and rearranges vital organs is rare these days, but occasionally, something appears that sounds so otherworldly that you feel quite changed. Water by Lotic does this to me. It’s like experiencing an infatuation. It’s experimental electronica, future- soul, with bewitching, hard to fathom sounds that are impossible to shake off.Continue reading “Album Review: Lotic- Water”