Lost In Music: Kelis- Midnight Snacks

Still from the video

Sex and food are two pleasures that are (for the time being, at least) still legal. This is the first single from Kelis in seven years, a fridge raid that satisfies. Inspired by the seventies funk of Millie Jackson and Donna Summer, Kelis, in a squidgy synth bath, coos,”Guilty pleasures I just can’t deny”, as some filthy porn is referenced.

The singer, who’s also a cordon bleu chef and has been known to serve from food trucks, has aced it again. This funny, cheekily suggestive video by artist and director Adrienne Raquel is a visual feast of saturated colour. Brilliantly, the track’s refrain features a gurgling laughing baby. Perhaps only Bjork and Kelis-could get away with this. I’m off to gorge on pancakes…

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