Album Review: Lotic- Water

MusIc that knocks you sideways and rearranges vital organs is rare these days, but occasionally, something appears that sounds so otherworldly that you feel quite changed.

Water by Lotic does this to me. It’s like experiencing an infatuation. It’s experimental electronica, future- soul, with bewitching, hard to fathom sounds that are impossible to shake off.

J’ Kerian Morgan, born in Texas but now based in Berlin, describes this album as a real step up artistically from her debut. And it is, raw, glitchy gorgeous music which fills every space.

Morgan’s voice is soothing, frantic and passionate, and tracks like Emergency, Always You and the title track itself envelop the listener in creaks, crackles, siren sounds and dense layers which are highly elusive.

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Simply sublime, unique and unforgettable, it’s one of the albums of the year.

Out via Houndstooth on October 29th.

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