Album Review: Sanctuary

Sanctuary artwork

A mighty collaboration between the Colombian composer Jose Parody and Grayson Sanders and Leviticus Penner, Sanctuary Vol. 1 and 2 is steeped in the kind of quietude that is neither comforting nor kind, but still incredibly beautiful.

Truth is meditative, sparse and features voices that weave in and out drones. Smoke In The Halls is flickering and eerie, Toska chimes minimally. It’s all steeped in a funereal chill.

Masks is evocative of bands from 4AD like Dead Can Dance, absolutely beautiful, ethereal and one of the few tracks featuring vocals.

It all feels like the prelude to troubling dreams, with a mausoleum like stillness. In a chaotic, noisy world, that’s an increasingly precious thing.A film follows in 2022.

Out now via Safari Riot

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