Album Review: Tindersticks- Past Imperfect-The Best of Tindersticks,92-21

In many ways, Tindersticks have long been a band out of time, oblivious to any prevailing trend. They emerged as Grunge and Britpop were tearing up student dancefloors, and DJs hadn’t quite yet attained superstar status, but club culture was ascending. Their beautifully- crafted melancholy, hugely orchestral and lush, belonged to an era of polishedContinue reading “Album Review: Tindersticks- Past Imperfect-The Best of Tindersticks,92-21”

Lost In Music: Ibeyi- Sister 2 Sister

The Diaz twins are back with new music. I’ve long been a fan of the Afro- Cuban duo from France, beautiful Naomi and Lisa- Kainde, who have inherited their parents’ musical ability and gorgeous vocal harmonies. A more R ‘n’ B route seems to be the route they’re taking, almost on the Solange tip, butContinue reading “Lost In Music: Ibeyi- Sister 2 Sister”

Overlooked Classics: That Dog (1993)

That Dog’s debut eponymous album is just the epitome of perfection to me. The combination of indie pop and strange classical and jazz elements is still quite unlike anything I’ve heard. The band are perhaps like a less brutal Miranda Sex Garden, or softer Slits or Raincoats. Songs- and harmonies- don’t quite go where theyContinue reading “Overlooked Classics: That Dog (1993)”

Album review: Joan As Police Woman/ Tony Allen/ Dave Okumu- The Solution Is Restless

What an ambitious, gorgeous, sexy record. Soul pop goddess Joan Wasser, aka Joan As Police Woman, recently teamed up to collaborate with drummer Tony Allen and The Invisible’s Dave Okumu to create a jazzy, funky soul epic pulsing with the ghosts of Aretha, Curtis, Laura, Prince and Isaac.This is the result, and it’s a triumph.Continue reading “Album review: Joan As Police Woman/ Tony Allen/ Dave Okumu- The Solution Is Restless”