“The fruits of isolation”- Ezra Furman

Three new songs from Ezra Furman appeared the other day and a forthcoming tour has been announced for later this year (all being well). Thematically, it’s the usual great Furman stuff: spirituality, love, identity and connection, and her lyrics remain as on point as ever. It all bodes well for the next album. For moreContinue reading ““The fruits of isolation”- Ezra Furman”

Beach House Are Back

Finally, some much needed good news, in what has been a difficult and sad year. Baltimore dreampop duo Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, aka Beach House, are back with a surprise announcement of both a forthcoming album, Once Twice Melody, coming out in February, and tour in May. They have previewed some beautiful songs andContinue reading “Beach House Are Back”

Album Review: Modern Nature- Island Of Noise

Imagine this. You’re in the Lake District perhaps, or by a boathouse. Take a moment to lie down in the still of the night. Can you hear it? There’s a bàbbling stream. Birds twitter. There’s no Twitter, no social media, no hassles here. Modern Nature have created an album that is sheer bliss, as ifContinue reading “Album Review: Modern Nature- Island Of Noise”