Overlooked Classics: Santogold

Artists who change their names mid-career often confuse me, but I can make exceptions. Santi White, whose eponymous debut solo album came out in 2008 under the name Santogold, is a bit of a musical genius, I think.She’s now better known as Santigold. What a debut it is. She’d been part of the millennial neo-Continue reading “Overlooked Classics: Santogold”

Frank Kozik Was Bad-Ass

The American artist, best known for Kidrobot, Labbit the smoking rabbit and his wild, colour- saturated poster designs and graphics has unexpectedly passed away on May 6th at 61. If you grew up in the 90s, you’ll likely be familiar with his band poster images and magazine covers, with a plethora of cheeky, devilish characters.Continue reading “Frank Kozik Was Bad-Ass”

Overlooked Classics: Ezra Furman- Day Of The Dog (2013)

What a doozie. Ezra Furman ‘s second studio album after her work with The Harpoons is absolutely sublime. Inspired as much by punk rock as gospel, doo-wop and rock ‘n’ roll, the song writing was kicked up several notches into something really special. Fusing her spiritual side with And Maybe God Is A Train, withContinue reading “Overlooked Classics: Ezra Furman- Day Of The Dog (2013)”

Shonen Knife are 40!

Once described by uber-fan Kurt Cobain as “pop, pop, pop music” , the legendary Osaka trio Shonen Knife are celebrating forty years in the business. Naoko Yamano, sister Atsuko Yamano and Risa Kawano are the current line-up, with the most recent album Our Best Place garnering huge acclaim. Often described as “the Osaka Ramones”, theContinue reading “Shonen Knife are 40!”

Overlooked Classics: Babes In Toyland- Spanking Machine

Everybody cites Hole as fine purveyors of pure feminine rage, and rightly so, but for me, Babes In Toyland did it better, and with more eloquent ferocity. I first heard Dust Cake Boy where else but on John Peel’s peerless late night radio show on Radio 1. His son Tom Ravenscroft recently spoke on 6MusicContinue reading “Overlooked Classics: Babes In Toyland- Spanking Machine”

Just Step Sideways: Dee Dee Ramone’s Hip Hop Career

How many drugs are too many drugs? Well, many people may not know this, but lovable goofball Dee Dee Ramone, bass player for the legendary NY punks, had a brief side project as Dee Dee King in 1989. In a deleted scene from the Ramones biopic End Of The Century directed by Michael Gramagia andContinue reading “Just Step Sideways: Dee Dee Ramone’s Hip Hop Career”

Lost In Music: Otoboke Beaver-Pardon?

Obfuscation helps no-one. As we appear to be mired in a world of confusion, what could be more apposite than Otoboke Beaver and their brand new single Pardon? The mighty Japanese quartet are back, and this is the first single to be lifted from the forthcoming album Super Champon. A worldwide tour starts in theContinue reading “Lost In Music: Otoboke Beaver-Pardon?”