Album Review: Boris-W

For well over two decades, Japanese experimental doom band Boris have been treading their own path, through line-up and label changes. Too avant-garde for the mainstream, they nonetheless have a loyal fan- base, not least because of working alongside collaborators like Sunn 0))). This, their first album for Sacred Bones, has enough light and shadeContinue reading “Album Review: Boris-W”

Album Review: Marconi Union- Signals

In an increasingly chaotic world, the need to find some kind of respite is important. Ambient music has always provided a way in, and so it is with enigmatic Manchester artist Marconi Union. Signals, their thirteenth album, is a seductive and moody proposition. Cycles Repeat sounds like Ry Cooder jamming with Gold Panda (imagine) andContinue reading “Album Review: Marconi Union- Signals”