EP Review: Jackson Hill- Rabbit Feather

What a strange and beguiling debut from the Raleigh- based ambient musician and producer. Rabbit Feather weaves in and out of speakers. Its trippy strangeness is both unsettling and comforting. There’s a lullaby like fragility to Figment and Whatever Helps You Sleep At Night makes you feel encased in some kind of space PID, untilContinue reading “EP Review: Jackson Hill- Rabbit Feather”

Bjork: MTV Unplugged/ MTV Live

Bjork Unplugged? Sounds like an oxymoron, and kinda is. This film compilation of MTV appearances, released in 2002, is one for completists only. Capturing the divine Ms Gudmunsdottir in 1994 at the height of her Debut success, both the performance and sound are too subdued to really impact. She tentatively prowls around the stage inContinue reading “Bjork: MTV Unplugged/ MTV Live”

Album Review: Marconi Union- Signals

In an increasingly chaotic world, the need to find some kind of respite is important. Ambient music has always provided a way in, and so it is with enigmatic Manchester artist Marconi Union. Signals, their thirteenth album, is a seductive and moody proposition. Cycles Repeat sounds like Ry Cooder jamming with Gold Panda (imagine) andContinue reading “Album Review: Marconi Union- Signals”