Lost In Music: Christeene- Midnite Fukk Train

Louisiana -raised Paul Soileau, aka Christeene, is normally best experienced live, as the live artist is wilfully provocative. She’ll krump on punters, pull things from out of her ass and push you into the void. So her music often gets sidelinedJ. Not so with her third album, Midnite Fukk Train. It stands on its ownContinue reading “Lost In Music: Christeene- Midnite Fukk Train”

Lost In Music: Jamie Black- Leather

Queer Theory is a long- running, iconic cabaret/club night in Glasgow and now they’ve launched a brand new label. The first single release on the label is a shimmering, bittersweet electro torch song by Jamie Black- who has regularly performed as the lead singer of QT’s sassy house band Black Doves- and is now launchingContinue reading “Lost In Music: Jamie Black- Leather”

Divine Pop Intervention

Everybody knows Divine from her John Waters films. But the icon, who didn’t really want to be known as a drag queen, had another successful career in pop. Harris Glenn Milstead, who would have been 76 yesterday, fell into recording kind of by accident, as her outrageous live shows led to producer Bobby Orlando seeingContinue reading “Divine Pop Intervention”