Lost In Music: Christeene- Midnite Fukk Train

Louisiana -raised Paul Soileau, aka Christeene, is normally best experienced live, as the live artist is wilfully provocative. She’ll krump on punters, pull things from out of her ass and push you into the void. So her music often gets sidelinedJ.

Not so with her third album, Midnite Fukk Train. It stands on its own merit, as it benefits from a wider musical palette than before, with an emphasis on skronky saxophone. It’s like casually tossing a hand grenade into CBGBs.

Her trademark angry wasp vocals are to the fore in the Peaches -like grind, ‘Beaucoup Morocco’, and there’s an eighties power ballad homage in ‘Lo Paid Model’, which is an unexpected delight. But ‘I Want It All’ really cuts loose, her mussed- up smudge rap baiting American conservatism with inspired gospel backing vocals.

‘Piano Song’ is no less incredible – weirdly moving, until it transforms into a horror soundtrack song. And signature track ‘Fix My Dick’ is souped up into an unbridled queer electronic anthem.

It won’t make daytime playlists, then, but nor should it. A self -styled “drag terrorist” isn’t ever going to be a vanilla playlist botherer. But as ever, she’s proof indeed that the devil – or devilish one at the very least- has the best tunes.


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One thought on “Lost In Music: Christeene- Midnite Fukk Train

  1. Feel so alive, I quit.

    Wow! Haven’t heard of her/him/them/it! Love the description though and image. Kind of arresting. And please continue to sprinkle in the MES clips as ear worm fodder.

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