Lost In Music: Jamie Black- Leather

Queer Theory is a long- running, iconic cabaret/club night in Glasgow and now they’ve launched a brand new label.

The first single release on the label is a shimmering, bittersweet electro torch song by Jamie Black- who has regularly performed as the lead singer of QT’s sassy house band Black Doves- and is now launching a solo career.

Leather is at once catchy and melancholic, with Black sounding like the lovelorn lovechild of Robyn and Marc Almond, were such things possible.

It’s kind of a reunion, as Dean Munch, previously of Black Doves and now one half of the mischievous QT favourites Alternative Cracks, provides a brilliant “fruity house remix”, as he describes it, on the single, as a bonus track. A forthcoming album by Black, titled Mr. Fabulous, will be released in 2022.

Leather is out from Friday, December 3rd.






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