Record Label Of The Month: Upset The Rhythm

Based in London, indie promoter and record label Upset The Rhythm is the epitome of punk. Formed in 2003 as a promoter, they officially launched as a label in 2005. Featuring bands like Deerhoof, Trash Kit, Terry, Sauna Youth, Rattle, Kaputt, and most recent signing, Japanese punk band NicFit, they specialise in lo-fi, post-punk andContinue reading “Record Label Of The Month: Upset The Rhythm”

Music News: Boris Have Signed To Sacred Bones

Dream team! Legendary Japanese doom rockers Boris have just signed to the brilliant label Sacred Bones. First single Drowning By Numbers is out now and it’s a brilliant, psychedelic layered dirge. They’re the only acceptable Boris to listen to these days. #satire A new album follows in 2022.

Lost In Music: Kaputt- Gone West

Glasgow chaos merchants Kaputt are back! The post-everything band return with a typically energetic slice of skronk to make life substantially better. If this doesn’t get your pulse racing, I can’t help you. Find more on Kaputt at Upset The Rhythm and Bandcamp

Album Review: Marconi Union- Signals

In an increasingly chaotic world, the need to find some kind of respite is important. Ambient music has always provided a way in, and so it is with enigmatic Manchester artist Marconi Union. Signals, their thirteenth album, is a seductive and moody proposition. Cycles Repeat sounds like Ry Cooder jamming with Gold Panda (imagine) andContinue reading “Album Review: Marconi Union- Signals”