Album Review: Lana Del Rabies- Strega Beata

A stately, cinematic slab of music, Lana Del Rabies ‘ new album, her third, lies somewhere between the early brutality of Swans and the eerie, gothic neo-classical experimentation of Dead Can Dance. It’s absolutely heady, erotic and hypnotic. Sometimes, it’s a thunderstorm, sometimes a soft caress.

Tracks like ‘Mother ‘ and ‘Master’ feel like mini requiems, with an understated power and a reminder that quiet, contemplative moments can be as disturbing as intense noise.

There’s no end to the stark, spiritual beauty. The title itself roughly translates as “blessed witch”, which seems entirely appropriate for such transcendent songs, at once both soothing and unsettling. Her spell is working.

Out via Gilgingo Records on March 17th.

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