Lost In Music: AR Kane: i

I have a particular interest in bands who occupy liminal spaces, and do their own unique thing, apart from hype machines and trends.

A R Kane are one such band. They were dream pop before it attained that definition, proto – shoegazing, or avant-pop way ahead of the curve.

I adore their second album, ‘i’. It’s deliberately awkward. Band members Alex Ayuli and Rudy Tambala brought in mysterious collaborators and strange, dissonant noises rubbed up against crystalline melodies. It’s sexy, claustrophobic and dense (‘Honeysuckleswallow’) or catchy, like ‘Crack Up’ and ‘A Love From Outer Space ‘.

It’s ‘In A Circle’ which really gets to me. It’s not entirely sung pitch perfectly, yet it’s beautiful, with strings and beats and a gnawing undercurrent of eerieness, a few years before Massive Attack brought out ‘Unfinished Sympathy’, which drew from a similar template.

It’s where hip hop and indie coalesced in an unholy union, a mesh of This Mortal Coil, club culture and the more mellow side of Sonic Youth. In essence, they made sad bangers before anyone else, and without them, we’d never have the likes of My Bloody Valentine or Young Fathers. That’s not a world I really want to contemplate.

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3 thoughts on “Lost In Music: AR Kane: i

  1. Wow, what a testimonial! I’ve only heard one track, which struck me, but now will listen to the album thanks to you, my MES pen pal. I’m happy to see the TMC reference in here too. That trio of 90s records is perhaps the best of the decade, what a run. Do you have a favorite from those three? I gravitate to Blood or Filigree though I know many are in the camp of the first one. I suppose they’re right, it will end in tears. Be well. Hit the north! Hit the north! OWwWW! Hit the north!

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      1. I might ping pong your Fall piece if you do. And you’re welcome. Jeweler…has a shop…on the corner of the boulevard…


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