Album Review: Holy Other- Lieve

Stockport musician and producer David Ainley has created a wonderful piece of post-ambient beauty here. It invokes the illogical themes of dreams: figures with heads that are never seen, fragmentary buildings, the sense of hazy, unresolved issues.

Glitches, sighs and ghostly soundscapes permeate throughout the album. The title track, featuring saxophonist Daniel Thorne, fizzles and returns, like flickering machines.

Up Heave feels like being submerged in water, occasionally coming up for air. It’s all as ambiguous as it is gorgeous.

Drone choir NYX guest on Groundless, their voices curling around the electronic pulses like vapour trails. It’s an impressionistic and singular venture, sounding like the future in all of its elusive wonder.

Out on November 19th

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