Generic White Middle-Class Performance Poet

I’m getting so bored of this crap that I thought I’d homage them myself. Took me roughly three minutes. Ooh, it’s enough to make you spit out your flat white in Costa Coffee.

Generic White Middle-Class Performance Poet

I’m jabbing at you

Jabbing with my ire

With my flat tyre

Flat out, tired

Well-worn droplets

Of rapid-fire couplets

I’m telling you

With telling eyes

About their lies

Their Brexit rhetoric


Shit for brains

Fat berg

Blocked arteries and drains

I’m topical

Polemical, let that sink in

With my art grant

You will grant me to rant, spill my ink From my kitchen sink

And I will talk

Rapid-fire polemical ire

Spouted quickly, to hide the banality

White Middle-Class Poet Sensation

Telling you (for cash)



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I'm a freelance arts monkey. Come see my brain vomit.

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