Lost In Music: Gazelle Twin &NYX- Deep England

Halloween weekend is here, the thin veil between the dead and the living. Come stroke the red velvet interior of your worst nightmares. A hundred snakes constrict, a hundred shark mouths consume. There’s an infinite karaoke held by Nigel Farage. Directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, the wonderful creative duo behind the stunning Nick CaveContinue reading “Lost In Music: Gazelle Twin &NYX- Deep England”

Lost In Music: Nightmares On Wax ft OSHUN- Breathe In

Three years in the making, the new Nightmares On Wax album Shout Out! To Freedom is getting good and spiritual on your ass. Exactly what we need, methinks, when times are uncertain and fraught. And any projects including the wondrous Shabaka Hutchings and Greentea Peng has to be worthy of your time. The new single,Continue reading “Lost In Music: Nightmares On Wax ft OSHUN- Breathe In”