Album Review: Mandy, Indiana – I’ve Seen A Way

The quartet from Manchester, founded by Valentine Caulfield and Scott Fair, now joined by Simon Catling and Alex MacDougall, have a hell of a blistering debut here. It’s experimental music which feels like being driven blindfolded to unknown territory.

‘ Pinking Shears’ is brittle and fuzzy, and there’s minimalist industrial shades to ‘Injury Detail’. This is one side of their sound- ‘The Driving Rain (18)’ is spectral funk. The otherness of the band’s sound is further reinforced by Caulfield who murmurs in French, even as the sonics threaten to implode.

It’s quite a statement of intent for a first album. Others would cower from creating such difficult, un-hooky music, but the band have chutzpah as well as ideas. With each listen, songs grow insidiously. It bodes well for the future, a band who don’t wish to follow the current indie herd of postpunk Fall wannabes.

Released via Fire Talk Records on May 19th

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