Praise Be to Vod!

As if Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong couldn’t have created one of the best sitcom characters ever in Peep Show ‘s Super Hans, they surely outdid themselves with Violet ‘Vod’ Nordstrom. Fresh Meat, which piggybacked on that show’s deserved success, had one of the funniest, sexiest and most complex characters ever.

Surly, promiscuous, stealing from and using her flatmates,she should have been deeply unpleasant. But Zawe Ashton, who portrayed her,infused her with wit and vulnerabilities, which became increasingly drawn out as the series progressed. Product of a narcissistic mother and absentee father, it’s amazing she wasn’t a total psychotic altogether.

With Greg McHugh as Howard

She got some of the best zingers, plotlines and outfits, and there’s something reassuring about a sitcom which treated its viewers with enough intelligence to get the pop culture references and political issues… Witness her act of rebellion against BP, where she seduced a CEO at a corporate party,before standing on the table and spilling oil from her posh frock*: a nod to the infamous oil spill incident known as the Deepwater Horizon scandal. Or perhaps you’ll recall the time she made posh flatmate J P drink his own semen? Ah, precious moments.

Vod sticks it to the man at a BP event

Props to Bain and Armstrong. They wrote people who seemed real. We’ve all had pals like Vod- principled, hedonistic, tough, but with a soft centre.

The woman is a legend. I have a major crush on her. She’s the coolest. In a world of kooky Phoebes and annoying Fleabags, be a Vod.

  • actually her friend Oregon’s frock

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