Album Review: Sound Of Ceres-Emerald Sea

A unique audio visual collaboration between enigmatic NY musician K and legendary performance artist Marina Abramovic, this album falls between the cosmic experimentation of Broadcast and sci-fi emulating sixties production of Joe Meek.

Even the artwork points to what to expect: a kitsch image with K looking like a Puckish figure. It suits the symphonic sounds of Arm Of Golden Flame or The Silent Singer. Meanwhile, The Fawn is reminiscent of the sixties hipster groove of John Barry.

But, for all of its high concept ideas about deities, desires and dream states, Abramovic cannot always be heard clearly, which kind of negates the purpose.

It doesn’t always cohere then, but in the main, there’s a retro sweetness and elusive murky quality sewn together. Props to them for making music that is otherworldly and out of step with generic indie boys.

Out June 17th via Joyful Noise

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