OK Computer Is 25

An unexpected alarm call. To be better. To try harder. To push further. Pre- mobile phones; smart devices, stupider voices. To rail against complacency, the government and mass consumption. Do you trust your leaders? The sleeping leading the half-asleep.

Choices, barcodes, receipts. A graveyard of technology, rapid fire jump cuts. A need for something simpler, something which doesn’t smile on cue and lead us into the abyss.

Douglas Coupland and Douglas Adams warned us it would come to this. Trust in authors called Douglas. Breaking point. No exit strategy, no parachute as we plummet. What’s left as we hurtle into the future? Shiny celebrity lifestyles, influencers, empty sloganeering and clickbait. Staring at small screens and the death of conversation in small cafés.

Anxiety; war, poverty, murder, despotism. Sociopathy as the paradigm. Needing to connect, to touch, to feel lifeless while feeling something.

This is the legacy of progress: we have everything and nothing all at once. Start again, tabula rasa? Too late now. Still here though.

An unexpected alarm call. To be better.

Published by loreleiirvine

I'm a freelance arts monkey. Come see my brain vomit.

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