“God Bless You, Mr Cutler! “

Take Scottish institution The Broons, put something in their tea, and you’re halfway to understanding the genius of Ivor Cutler. I’m a wee bit late to the table here, but January the 15th marked what would have been the great Ivor Cutler ‘s 100th birthday. Born into a Scots Jewish family, his dour, sweetly subversiveContinue reading ““God Bless You, Mr Cutler! “”

Victorians and Cats

Being a Goth of a certain vintage, this post was perhaps inevitable. Victorian and Edwardian people really liked dressing up their cats (often stuffed) and sometimes posed them in a variety of wacky domestic situations. For a seemingly buttoned-up generation, they were incredibly strange and morbid. We can only wonder why this trend prevailed. Nowadays,Continue reading “Victorians and Cats”