Victorians and Cats

Being a Goth of a certain vintage, this post was perhaps inevitable. Victorian and Edwardian people really liked dressing up their cats (often stuffed) and sometimes posed them in a variety of wacky domestic situations. For a seemingly buttoned-up generation, they were incredibly strange and morbid. We can only wonder why this trend prevailed.

Nowadays, Kawaii culture* in Japan does much the same thing, albeit through the prism of social media and YouTube. I suspect that had they the tools in the 1890s, they would have been hashtagging little Fluffy, Albert and Milly too, and adding treacly 8-bit pop and power ballads as their adorable “floofers” ran feral amid the “hoomans”. Pass the embalming fluid, Mildred. A rum bunch and no mistake.

*uncanny, cutesie obsession in Japanese pop culture.

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