You stain the glass with your leer, your provocation filthy against the pristine window, disinfected and buffed to sparkling transparency. Posed in flammable nylon, you are the supposed epitome of desire; an uunattainable level of glamour mere mortals can only dream of. Vacuous, pert and pretty, you are an airbrushed fantasy, your appeal only lastingContinue reading “Flammable”

Teleman- Simple Like Us

Teleman have always, in their own unassuming way, crafted perfect Day-glo pop since they formed from the ashes of Pete and the Pirates. As with other low- key UK indie bands like Metronomy, Field Music and Hot Chip, they seamlessly meld electronics with slightly playful, occasionally melancholic songwriting. The new single, Simple Like Us ,Continue reading “Teleman- Simple Like Us”