Album Review: Superorganism – World Wide Pop

Perfect pop often tightropes precariously between euphoria and melancholy. So it is with Superorganism, the London- based, globally sourced pop act. Orono Noguchi’s sweet youthful vocals can be soulfully sad, joyful or snarky and cynical. It’s all anchored by quirky textures, samples and grooves.

Like a Lego kit, the band thrives on building little empires and worlds from various odd components.

Take Teenager. There’s a sense of the ephemeral, of feeling small in the grand scheme of things. Solar System and Into The Sun take lyrical twists and turns, tackling space and nature. There aren’t enough songs around which posit singers as imagining themselves as fruitflies.

Closer Everything Falls Apart is more crunchy and cynical, akin to their breakthrough hit from 2017, Something For Your M.I.N.D.

It’s constantly shifting, making demands of the listener as they are blindsided, trying to work out how it all slots together, while still sounding effortless.

Few bands carry it off as well, and as intelligently. I can’t wait to see where they go next.

Out now via Domino.

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