Album Review: Tess Parks- And Those Who Were Seen Dancing

This is a strange one. Tess Parks, the Canadian singer- songwriter who recently collaborated with Anton Newcombe from Brian Jonestown Massacre, is clearly steeped in retro influences, most notably the Paisley Underground and post- PU outfits like Mazzy Star, as well as the original bands who influenced them like The Seeds and West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.

Indeed, were it not for modern references like Brexit At Tiffany’s you’d almost swear this was a long-lost psychedelic rock album. This is both a blessing and a curse

The reverb -heavy songs have a moody charm, and Parks’ Hope Sandoval- like drowsy drawl is nice for a slow Sunday afternoon, but it’s all a little one- note.

The twilight world of Happy Birthday Forever, Do You Pray? and the dreamy dirge of Suzy & Sally’s Eternal Return have their place, but it’s not epoch shattering.

Still, twentysomething hipsters who don’t yet know of sixties garage and psychedelic rock will eat it up, there is potential here, and it makes a change from yet another post -punk inspired band.

Out via Fuzz Club on April 22nd

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