Album Review: Erasers- Constant Connection

There’s definitely a trend at the moment for indie bands to emulate post-punk bands. I can hear traces of The Raincoats, Wire and Fatal Microbes in current popular bands like Dry Cleaning, Yard Act and Life.

So it goes with the incredibly minimalist Erasers. The duo from Perth in Australia, comprised of Rebecca Orchard and Rupert Thomas, mine the low-key synth sound of Peel favourites like Young Marble Giants and the aforementioned bands.

This, their third album, also feels like Nico fronting an early eighties Rough Trade band. Orchard has deadpan gentle vocals mesh against featherlight percussion, soft synth and a sprinkle of guitar.

Recall The Words could be Nico’s Chelsea Girls for the Twitter generation, and I Understand is so fragile a gust of wind could knock it over.

But it doesn’t really vary much over eight tracks, and becomes rather an exercise in frustration. It’s a little lacklustre. The band have some potential, but more depth and energy would be welcome in the future.

Out April 22nd via Night School Records

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