Album Review: Horace Andy-Midnight Rocker

Adrian Sherwood is a legendary producer, and Horace Andy a legendary reggae singer, so it makes sense for them to team up again. But don’t call it a comeback, he’s never really been away.

The shivery sweet vibrato is pushed to the fore here, with reworkings and new tracks alike. Opener This Must Be Hell has the same eerie dub quality as fans of Andy’s collaboration with Massive Attack on Mezzanine will surely be familiar with (Safe From Harm from Blue Lines makes a slinky appearance here instead, though- Andy’s vocal replacing Shara Nelson’s) but the bouncing, tentative optimism of Careful and Watch Over Them are proper old school classics , proving dub is a timeless vintage.

And the tracks, all short and to the point, never outstay their welcome. Spine-tingling perfection for festival audiences is here from the get-go. Spring must be on its way.

Out now via On-U Sound

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