Album Review: Hinako Omori- A Journey…

Inspired by the practice of forest bathing, Japanese artist Hinako Omori’s new album breathes like new buds bursting into life.

Created using scientific binaural sounds and more organic processes of field recordings, the album pulses with transcendental shimmering beauty.

Tracks like Levitation see Omori’s modular synth patterns resemble chirruping birds, while her voice soars on Ocean.

The retro- futurism bubbling underneath Spaceship Lament would work as well as part of an art installation as a cinematic soundtrack piece. It’s warm music which eschews the clichés of dense, impenetrable ambient music.

Above all, A Journey… takes a forward -thinking, singular approach to the genre, and worth enveloping yourself in- an antidote to the overwhelming, too much- ness of city life.

Out now via Houndstooth

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