Oh! Brother Podcast

You have probably gathered by now (especially if you read our previous blog The Tempo House) that we’re fans of The (Mighty) Fall. So I thought it was time to write about the podcast which references all things concerning The Fall, Oh! Brother.

Hosted by the band’s classic rhythm section, Paul and Steve Hanley, they trade anecdotes with Fall aficionados, ex-members and producers like Grant Showbiz and John Leckie.

As you’d expect, it’s witty, occasionally catty, and always fascinating, even if the sound quality is at times hit-and-miss. And the Henry Rollins one grates, as with typical BOMBAST-AHH, he seems to forget he’s the guest, and takes over the entire show.

StIll, it’s mostly excellent. Paul is chirpy, Steve a little bit more caustic, and it’s like eavesdropping on a Fall backstage scenario at times. My favourite episodes include ‘the one with writer, actor and producer Graham Duff, who’s easy-going and candid and talks about a film he co-wrote with Mark E Smith, and the episode with laid-back, funny co-founder and keyboard player Una Baines, who recently created a comic book based on The Fall’s early days.

Nothing is off- limits (don’t get Steve started on a certain car advertisement) and the anecdotes are insightful.

For example, Grant Showbiz relays that industry types wanted MES to have a career as a solo artist, to which Steve Hanley quips:”Mark E Smith solo wouldn’t work- he wouldn’t have anyone to shout at!”

Smith, you suspect, would have been violently appalled by the podcast- he was a notorious technophobe- all to the good, then.

Find it over at Acast, Apple, Spotify and YouTube

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