Album review: Joan As Police Woman/ Tony Allen/ Dave Okumu- The Solution Is Restless

Photos by Giles Clement

What an ambitious, gorgeous, sexy record. Soul pop goddess Joan Wasser, aka Joan As Police Woman, recently teamed up to collaborate with drummer Tony Allen and The Invisible’s Dave Okumu to create a jazzy, funky soul epic pulsing with the ghosts of Aretha, Curtis, Laura, Prince and Isaac.This is the result, and it’s a triumph.

Wasser’s feline vocals are matched by slinky violins, wah-wah and reverb, notably on the teasing Dinner Date and epic, over eleven minute long opener The Barbarian, but every track has its own lush surprises and intensity.

Damon Albarn guests on Get My Bearings and the stoned- sounding, double-tracked vocals of Enter the Dragon aren’t dated, thanks to the unique production, rooting it in the here and now It’s a fitting tribute to the genius of the legendary Nigerian percussionist Allen, who sadly passed away in April of last year. His mighty rhythms endure.

Out Nov 5th via PIAS

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