Album Review: Parquet Courts- Sympathy For Life

You could be forgiven for thinking this is just another ebullient, scrappy album from the New York indie stoners, or however we’re stereotyping them this week. After all, the irresistible bounce of Walking At A Downtown Pace seems to personify this, with Max Savage’s rollicking rhythm and their trademark shouty refrain.

But album seven is packed with many moods, textures and surprises. This is most likely due to the production by Rodaidh McDonald and PJ Harvey legend John Parish, who counter the post-punk chaos with moments of subtle introspection.

This is most true of Black Widow Spider, driving and anthemic, yet undercut by a sense of melancholy, and Just Shadows, a mellow waltz. Andrew Savage sometimes resembles a young Edwyn Collins’ when he croons, but there’s still the loose- limbed groove of the title track to sate fans of their rowdier, early work.

It’s all incredibly satisfying then, music that feels equally suitable for the head, as for hedonism.

Out now via Rough Trade

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