Garlands Is 40

More people seem familiar with later work from Cocteau Twins but their debut album Garlands is still beautiful. Having just turned forty, I thought this record was worth a reappraisal. Featuring the original lineup of Liz Fraser, Robin Guthrie and Will Heggie, the original sound was dark, dense and as tight as a boa constrictor.Continue reading “Garlands Is 40”

Felt: You Say Jangly Like It’s A Bad Thing

Before indie became somewhat homogenised, there was Felt. Eccentric lead singer Lawrence didn’t allow journalists to use his loo, mumbled a lot and acquired something of an awkward reputation, often hiding behind his hat. He was often portrayed by the NME like an indie Howard Hughes, which seems a tad reductive. Maurice Deebank, meanwhile, wasContinue reading “Felt: You Say Jangly Like It’s A Bad Thing”