What has happened to theatre criticism?

What has happened to theatre criticism? It has been onn a downward spiral for years, anyway. It used to have its own special place in the newspapers, and the critic had the power to destroy (or to ensure a blockbuster success), but that probably only ever happened on Broadway or in the West End. Isn’tContinue reading What has happened to theatre criticism?

Drew Colby (born in Great Britain) has worked with puppets in Southern Africa and the UK for over 30 years. He began with glove puppets and marionettes at the age of 12, whilst at school in Namibia. His first professional work was from 1995 – 1998 at the Playhouse Puppet Company in Durban, South Africa.Continue reading

Where Do You Get Your Ideas From, Bozza?

Speaking as a teacher of Latin, I am rather concerned by Boris Johnson’s statements about the fall of the Roman Empire. In a recent speech, that was supposed to be about Climate Change, Boris claimed that the Empire fell because of mass migration. There is no real need for me to debunk the claim, sinceContinue reading “Where Do You Get Your Ideas From, Bozza?”


15 & 16 October 2021 – online and at the CCA, Glasgow A two-day festival of workshops, provocations, discussions, and performances curated by the Scottish Neurodiverse Performance Network (SNPN). NEUROSTAGES is a neurodivergent-led platform and space for artists and creatives, communities, individuals and industry professionals to find out more about either neurodiversity or performance.  The NEUROSTAGES festival explores neurodivergent-made pathways, practices of solidarity and the potentialities of futuristic thinking in performance.Continue reading “NEUROSTAGES FESTIVAL”