Tina : Goddess

Born Anne May Bullock, in 1939, she’ll forever be the force of nature that is Tina Turner. A fiery fusion of soul, rock and blues, we all know how she survived the abuse of first husband Ike Turner, and had a second career as a solo artist in her own right, aged 44, but she also won eleven Grammy awards and had an acclaimed acting career. A real triple threat, she was an inspiration to Black women of many generations.

Beyonce, among many other artists, paid tribute today to one of her ultimate inspirations. I’d recommend the beautiful tribute to her by Melanie McFarland in Salon magazine.

She taught Mick Jagger how to dance his famous strut, had an ever so naughty fling with David Bowie, and finally retired at sixty from the music industry, but for me it’s her autonomy, her sass, mischievous humour and blending of different genres that make her the icon that was and is forever Tina Turner. That hot toddy voice, those moves, that attitude. She exemplified power. Rest in peace, sis.

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