Favourite Cover Versions: The Fall- Lost In Music

The Fall never did anything by the book, and their covers are always fun (more of which later) so what a delightful surprise it was when I heard this for the first time, aaaaaages ago. MES took Sister Sledge ‘s Disco classic by the lapels and shook it, until all the glitter fell off.

His famous squeal prefaced said track, and there’s still funk as its backbone, but it’s The Fall all the way, as strawberry dipped in chocolate still mostly tastes of strawberry. And who can resist his changing of the lyrics from “my 9 to 5″ to ” my 10 to 5″ ? Cheeky get. You’ve got to love his chutzpah. Look at this live version, introduced by the characteristically cheery gobshite Gary Crowley.

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