Frank Kozik Was Bad-Ass

The American artist, best known for Kidrobot, Labbit the smoking rabbit and his wild, colour- saturated poster designs and graphics has unexpectedly passed away on May 6th at 61.

If you grew up in the 90s, you’ll likely be familiar with his band poster images and magazine covers, with a plethora of cheeky, devilish characters. He was influenced by psychedelia, pop art, horror comics and punk rock, and his art brimmed with kinetic energy, satire and rage. His work was often funny, sexy, grotesque and beautiful – sometimes, all at once. He had no time for authority figures, either.

He made work for Nirvana; The Breeders, Pixies, The Offspring, Butthole Surfers, Pearl Jam, The Melvins, Sex Pistols, Beastie Boys, Babes in Toyland, Soundgarden, Rollins Band… You name it, he did it for them. He was always creating, always moving forward and doing his own thing without compromise. Rest in peace, Mr Kozik.

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