Album Review: Squrl- Silver Haze

There is mood music, then there’s mood music. Squrl, who are comprised of legendary film director and musician Jim Jarmusch and mega film producer and musician Carter Logan, plus some special guest collaborators, have made an exquisite, shimmering noise here in their first full-length studio album.

It’s full of their trademark churning, psychedelic rock swirls, as with She Don’t Wanna Talk About It featuring experimental artist Anika; doomy guitar landscapes like Berlin 87, and even poetry, with Charlotte Gainsbourg providing a softly spoken monologue on John Ashbery Takes A Walk.

Elsewhere, it’s like being catapulted into a film noir, full of cavernous vocals and disconcerting guitars. (Marc Ribot also guests.) These tracks can never be background music, they’re too full- bodied and ominous, steely vignettes for an impending apocalypse. Who better to lead us there? It would be a good way to go, with the best whisky, and a seriously badass attitude. Jarmusch and Logan have more than earned their spurs.

Photos by Sara Driver

Out now via Sacred Bones

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