Kim’s Karaoke

The late eighties was ripe for parody. Pompous, crass, sexist pop was seemingly ubiquitous. So, Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth took the leery Robert Palmer tune, Addicted To Love, and kicked it in its groin.

Ciccone Youth’s The Whitey Album was both knowing piss -take and affectionate homage. Their Sonic Youth offshoot was never going to be conventional. Okay, Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore genuinely loved Madonna. But Palmer was a different matter altogether, with his dead- eyed backing bimbos, and questionable lyrics.

Cue Gordon’s deadpan karaoke version, complete with a queasy backdrop of war footage, and a nod to pop poppet Tiffany in her dancing. It’s hilarious, pointed and completely bad-ass. Happy 70th birthday, Kim. You still rule.

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